A little about Kevin.  I grew up intrigued with the workings of about everything I saw.  I would see something and in my mind try to determine what made it work.  Occasionally I would get my hands on something and take it apart.  Sometimes I would figure out what made it work and other times I would not ending up with a pile of pieces.  But I had fun and you never know until you try.  When I was in kindergarten I saw the Green Berets perform a parachute jump at Ft. Lee in Virginia and a flame was lit when I saw the Thunderbirds at an air show.  I wanted to be a pilot. 

My folks bought a farm in Florida and at 6 we moved south.  We started riding horses and one thing led to another and the Family was in the horse business.  Early we rode and showed Hunter/Jumpers.  Toward the end of high school  I approached the military about my life long dream of being a pilot only to be turned down because of poor eyesight.  Not to be deterred from at least riding in airplanes I joined the Army jumped from those airplanes and traveled the world.  Still always intrigued with "what makes that work".  After leaving the military I returned home and went to college worked in the auto parts industry and started CVO Inc.

I design CV shafts for CVO Inc. with our customers needs in mind. 

My philosophy:

Never stop learning, anything man made can be fixed, anything good can be made better.  Today's best may not be good enough tomorrow.  The best is only the best when compared to what currently exists, a company or an individual can always improve.  Those that fail to realize that are doomed to fail.

Any goal can be reached or attained if you want it bad enough.  Do what pleases you as long as it doesn't infringe on others.  We are here only a short while enjoy what you can while you are here.  Honor and Honesty and personal integrity.  I am not perfect but I can strive to be better.  Incorporate this into my life and my work.   

To thank those that have helped you along the way and return the favor.

Since 2005 to present I have volunteered with the 4H horse programs in Marion County Florida.  Working with youth in life and leadership skills in horse riding.  Todays youth are the future.  I can give back to a program that I was a part of in youth.  d help. 

If you found this link I hope you enjoy the photos of a bit of my life.

2009 pictures of Peru.  Since I was 7 years old I wanted to see Machu Picchu, Peru.  Some dreams take a while to make happen.  Hiked/ camped through the mountains for three days passed through a site 14200 feet above sea level.  Beautiful country.  Suffered altitude sickness and recommend the prescription meds sold stateside.  Amazing people and amazing country. 

2010-13 CVO Inc. bought a building and moved to a larger facility.  Entered the digital age of photography and do all the photography for CVO Inc.

2014-Present.  Contiuing to work on new desingns and improving the performance of my product. 



Not so nice things to say.

Unsolicited faxes and those who send them are wasting time and paper, save them and fax them back to who sent them.  Waste their time and inks and toners too. 

Am I the only one who thinks cell service has gotten worse since Cingular bought AT&T? now reversed and the iphone craze Android?


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I have interests in photography, adventure sports, beach volleyball, and enjoying the outdoors.


































Anubis CEO ^

Anubis as SUPER DOG for Halloween


Amicalola Falls


Amicalola Falls


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The BEAR Adventure Race

The BEAR Adventure Race My Boat

Not my team but these guys had a bad day!

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Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken.  Taking the less traveled road.  AN old wagon road in north Georgia.