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Dear Visitor(s) and Customer(s)

Hi, I am Kevin Yutani founder of CVO Inc.  I would like to thank you for visiting our website.  There is a lot I could list but much means little, and many times little means more.  Please let us know if your visit to our website was beneficial and what you would like to see improved.  While we can't do everything we will look into suggestions and do what we can.  Enjoy your visit and come back again. 


Kevin Yutani

CVO Inc.'s mission is to provide our customers with the quality they want at a price they can afford while making a profit. While CV joints are not new to the world, the use of CV joints in many applications is new.  One of the main reasons CV joints haven't been used is the old adage if it's not broke don't fix it.  But while the old universal joint works and in many cases fairly well there are some things happening that a CV joint will improve on.  First it will not defy any laws of physics but they will reduce some of the effects.  If a universal joints rotation is graphed you will see highs and lows representing the angular velocity change.  While this is 'cancelled' by having two universal joints in time the effects are still imparted just not felt.  But the oscillating effect is still there robbing efficiency on both ends.  requiring more energy at different points of rotation.  This is seen at times in bearing and or bushing wear on the drive or driven supported ends.  CV joints will not eliminate this but in most cases this wear is reduced.  Since a CV joint is close to constant velocity (as the name applies) it does not have the peaks and valleys of the universal joints rotation which impart additional wear on bearings/ bushings. The power required to spin a CV joint is only the power needed to turn its mass and overcome the friction of its internal parts.  While this is true of a universal joint shaft as well a universal joint shaft also has the increased power needed to overcome the oscillation effects.  Lastly since the universal joints oscillation increases with angle there comes a point when the effect causes the need for two on each end to accommodate the angle adding cost/complexity.  In a study by one of our customers switching to CV joints reduced out of specification product 20+%.  This resulted in a 2 shift day instead of 24/7 reducing payroll and electricity.  Further the CV shafts are more easily serviced by on site personnel reducing machine downtime. 

Constant Velocity Of Ocala Inc.

October 1992: CVO Inc. was formed in 1992 to re-manufacture and sell CV (constant velocity) or FWD (front wheel drive axles).  CVO has moved into several other areas of the industry since the start. 

1993:               CVO Inc. has built CV axles for SPEC racers, street racers, custom one offs, boats, dynos, etc.  CVO Inc. can design and make a CV shaft for your needs.

1994:               CVO Inc. supplies Auto Parts Stores with solid programs to support the profit minded Auto Parts Store owner.  CVO Inc. offers training and tech support to its customers.  Went live on the internet with a website.

1997:               CVO Inc. designs and produces more efficient driveshaft for a boat.  Forms relationship with GKN/Drivetech to use GKN industrial CV joints product in design.                       

1998:               CVO Inc. has broadened its Automotive line to include new CV shafts in addition to its quality line of re-manufactured CV shafts.  CVO offers the best quality CV axles available using the best components in our assemblies. 

1999:               CVO Inc. is a O.E. supplier and designer CV components to several manufacturers.  Added ConVel as a CV joint supplier.

2000:               CVO Inc. added a sister company AA Drive. Inc. to wholesale CV components (cages, races, boots etc.)

2002:               CVO Inc. supplies CV parts to Air Force unit deploying to Iraq War.  CVO Inc. also helps some National Guard units with CV problems. 

2003:               CVO Inc. produced CV shafts or designs for some special applications for several major corporations.  Films, abrasives, cardboard, military, mills etc.

2004:               CVO Inc. provided designs for several government projects.  Increased sales to automotive aftermarket and added another industrial CV joint supplier to the inventory.  We just completed a custom shaft for a small steam powered boat. Developed axles for a independent suspension trike conversion for a motorcycle company. 

2005:               CVO Inc. supplied the US division of a major car manufacturer with the CV assemblies for R&D testing of US engines.  Supplied CV shafting to a major steel plant and provided final design and received orders from a major grain processing corporation for improved shafting. 

2006               CVO Inc. is designing CV assemblies for small scale ATV manufacturers, several military projects, several off road applications, a factory upgrade to a smoother, quieter shaft to reduce wear on equipment associated with the current drive system and reduce the noise of the machine,  and industrial applications.  We are now producing shafts for a DOD contractor for military applications.  We designed and are producing CV shafts for a tube mill plant. Designed and produce a CV shaft replacement for the Triumph TR4 TR5 and TR6.  Sold in the US through a parts supplier. 

2007                CVO Inc. has completed the first two orders for a pump manufacturer to drive pumps in a textile factory.  Completed and delivered shafts for a tube mill and is completing the 2nd order for the company.  Completed and delivered CV shafts for PHEV (plug in hybrid electric vehicle) energy program to UC Davis, Virginia Tech and Argonne National Labs. Delivered shafts to Cargill corporation. We supply CV joints to a major NASCAR entity for Dynamometer testing engines. We also refurbish HMMWV (Humvee or Hummer) axles for companies needing axles repaired.  This year has seen design come of age with successful new projects in all sectors. 

2007                 Update.  Completed most successful year to date.

2008                 CVO Inc. is developing CV shafts for large scale commercial use.  With shafts supplied for wood mills, steel mills, dynamometers, tube mills, grain mills and other manufacturing needing a smoother more energy efficient (green) power delivery than a universal joint can deliver.  CVO Inc. has committed to further development of CV shafts for Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles supplying CV shafts for solar, and electric vehicles. 

2009                  CVO Inc. had a banner year in a tough market in 2008.  We are working to improve our product and supply.  We are developing some special CV joints and will have them available mid 2008.  Continuing development of shafts for agriculture, OEM vehicle, Zero Emission Vehicle, Industrial and manufacturing applications. We have added more design capabilities in software simulation and will be up to speed Feb 09.  Update:  CVO Inc. has secured a contract with a defense contractor to produce special axles for a military vehicle.  We have made axles for many of the teams making vehicles 'x prize'.  We have introduced our own CV joint and are expanding the initial line. CVO Inc. Is making CV shafts for manufacturers looking to improve the quality of their product and improve the efficiency of their equipment.

2010                CVO Inc. did better than the economy in 2009.  Continuing efforts to better serve our customers by developing two new CV joints for use in various applications with two more set to be in use by mid year.  CVO Inc. is designing and producing CV shafts for many forward thinking manufacturers in the hybrid and pure electric markets.  Food and Beverage Processing equipment, canning, labeling, for major food process companies.    Continued support for light strike vehicle and prime mover for USMC.  CVO Inc. designed shafting for a multi-segmented bus in the Netherlands. 

2011                CVO Inc. continues to manufacture production shafts for its hybrid and electric customers.  Retrofitting universal joint shafts to CV joints for better efficiency.  Produced special shafts for a major US all electric auto manufacturer to test their soon to be production sedan.  Continued support for the Food and Beverage industry.  Developed a quick disconnect for a packaging manufacturer to reduce time in changing equipment when reconfiguring the production line.  Designed shafts for conveyor equipment. 

2012               CVO Inc. has expanded in the food and beverage industry.  CVO Inc. now does work for several beverage producers.  Producing shafts for the mining industry.  Celebrating 20 years in business October 2012.  Designed and supplied axles for the rolling prototypes of the current all electric Motor Trend Car of the Year when it was still in development and testing.  Developing shafts for the paper manufacturing industry.

2013               CVO Inc. has further expanded into the paper industry with production of CV shafts for the finished paper goods industry.  CVO Inc. is making shafts for the metal forming industry Brass and Steel.  Retrofitting universal joint shafts to higher efficiency CV shafts is proving successful.  CVO designed and produced CV driveshafts for a articulating vehicle,  demolitions fans, beer production (where food grade lubricants are required), a metal container manufacturer, a envelope manufacturer, dynamometer use in the automotive industry for testing transmissions and transmission fluids.

2014                CVO Inc. is expanding shaft production for the manufacture of paper products.  New development in CV joints for non-traditional applications.  Envelope production,  Supplemental order for shafts for military use.

2015             CVO Inc. continued to innovate and develop CV shafts for various industrial uses.  Our shafting is in use in many manufacturing facilities throughout the world.  We delivered parts to Canada, South Africa, Europe and South America.  We designed and developed an improved driveshaft for Polaris Corp.  It removed an inherent vibration problem but the cost was too great for production use.  Additionally CVO lost an employee to a long terminal illness. 

2016            CVO Inc. continued with military contracts and developing one off shafts for various individuals prototyping and building performance cars. Developed and produced a PTO belly mower shaft for Kubota.  Developed a longer lasting and smoother running cooling fan shaft for MCI motor coach.  Developing a new CV joint that may have practical use in the automotive industry.  Developed a replacement shaft for a cooling system on a fracking unit. 

2017            CVO Inc.  Developed a PTO shaft for the electic line trucks for Arizona Power.  Delivered replacement shafts for a cooling fan in the fracking indusrty.  Designed a shaft for sanitation trucks made by McNeilus (div of Oshkosh) trucks used in NYC to fix a high failure issue.  Designed CV shafts for water pump application.  Developed replacement CV shafts for obsolete parts no longer in production.

2018            CVO Inc developed shafting for a Naval defense contractor.  Deisigned shafts for a petrolium logistics company.

2019            CVO Inc supplied industrial shafts to the US military for dynomometer testing of diesel engines.

2020            CVO Inc. is supplying additional shafting to the military for dyno use.  Developing axles for a conversion for the diplomatic service.

CVO Inc. offers:

  1. knowledge in trained employees 30+ years of combined experience. 
  2. stability- 28+ years in the business (founded in 1992)
  3. quality


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