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CVO asks the right questions to get you the right axle. 

Complete CV Axles from CVO Inc.

  1. CVO Inc. designs replacement driveshafts for problematic u-joint shafts
  2. CVO Inc. re-manufactured CV axles. 
    1. The aftermarket in CV axles is changing due to offshore product.  This is great for the end user looking for the most cost savings.  The quality is not as good as an O.E. axle and these units are not generaly repairable.  For those looking to keep their car original with long lasting axles this is a great way to go. 
      • Retail Pricing information, sales
      • Wholesale information for Parts Stores and Warehouses
      • Automotive Fleets Municipalities-  CVO services CV axles for municipal use- law enforcement, etc.  We re-manufacture the original axles not using offshore axles for the demanding use in fleets.
  3. New CV axles from CVO Inc.  We carry many aftermarket axles.  There are less expensive parts out there.  We carry and sell quality parts.
  4. CV Boots
  5. Custom CV
  6. Subaru These guys are fanatics about Subaru's'
  7. Tech Support for our customers 800-889-axle
  8. Vintage Front Wheel Drive

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Contact us by phone 800-889-2953


Quality Control: Our technicians are trained in re-manufacturing CV axles according leading industry standards. All axles are inspected before the work begins.

We check:
  • correct application
  • thread damage spline damage,
  • inner joint wear
  • spline damage
  • cracked or broken cv joints
  • bent shafts

All axles are inspected after work completes. We check:
  • correct application
  • all machine work
  • assembly
  • ensure all seals are air tight
  • ensure that threads and spines are properly repaired
  • ensure that correct parts have been used
  • ensure that shaft operates properly
All axles are inspected at minimum of 20 times before shipping.
All axles are returned to original specifications.

Memberships: APRA, ASA, RADS